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Vintage kantha quilts are entirely hand-stitched and each completely unique.

These exquisite throws are functional works of art, and a wonderful way of introducing colour and pattern to your home.


Each side of the quilt is different, essentially offering two throws in one, and an effortless way to change up your decor.


Use your vintage kantha as a beautiful throw on the end of a couch or lounge, as luxe picnic rug or as a piece of textile art hung on the wall.



Size: 138cm x 229cm




These vintage quilts are entirely handmade and each with their own history.

Each one was created decades ago from re-purposed cotton and sari fabric remnants, layered together and stitched by hand.

Any fading, irregularities and variations in surface stitching are to be considered a fundamental part of the quilts beauty and story, rather than a flaw.

Please handle your kantha cushion with love and care, and read the care instructions listed below.

Vintage Kantha Throw #005

  • To care for your Vintage Kantha quilt, machine wash on a gentle/delicate cycle with a mild detergent. 

    For particularly old, delicate quilts with lots of loose threads, it may be better to handwash. 

    Hang outside to dry, out of direct sunlight. 

    Do not tumble dry.

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