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House of Print: A Modern Block Printer's Take on Design, Colour and Pattern.


By Molly Mahon




For self-taught textile designer Molly Mahon, there is something special about block printing that has stood the test of time.


From the initial design process, through to the carving of the block, the mixing of the colour and the actual printing process, Molly has always found printing to be meditative.

This book enables readers to explore this ancient craft through Molly's contemporary designs and the influences that inspire her use of pattern and colour, before teaching them practical skills and potential ways to transform their creations into beautiful homeware.

The book is divided into three main chapters:

A Modern Block Printer: An introduction to Molly and how she found and nurtured her love of block printing. Also, Molly gives a brief history of the tradition of block printing.

Design Journeys: Molly sees pattern everywhere she looks and this is what creates the basis of her blocks. When Molly is designing, it's as if she goes on a journey, whether it be a walk in the forest or a work trip to India. She is constantly inspired by her surroundings in all that she sees and feels. Here the reader is taken on some of her favourite journeys with an inspirational sourcebook filled with beautiful images. Discover a brief history of block printing, design ideas and stories focusing on how India's artisan craftspeople and traditional block printing techniques, nature and the Bloomsbury Group have all inspired Molly's designs.

Practical Printing: This chapter focuses on how to block print, including information on key tools, step-by-step techniques for printing on paper and fabric, and pattern design advice. Follow instructions to make five simple homeware projects with your newly printed creations and find exclusive block templates drawn by Molly for you to copy and recreate at home.

This is a modern, stylish and practical exploration of the traditional craft of block printing. The Print House is a celebration of both the art of block printing and the joy of design.


House of Print: A Modern Block Printer's Take on Design, Colour and Pattern

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