Your sewing projects are special, you take time to create each one so that it is unique. Yes it’s handmade, but more importantly it is the only one in the world, use this sewing label ‘one of a kind’.


As well as being a lovely addition to hand-sewn garments, these labels would be perfect for attaching to handwoven, knitted, crocheted and even macrame pieces.


The design of this woven label is intentionally understated, so that your creation is the star of the show with the label being a small reminder to yourself or a recipient that this creation is truly special and one of a kind.


The time and energy put into something truly unique deserves a fitting label.


Each pack contains 10 woven labels 

1cm x 4.5cm 

Black and Beige 


'One of a kind' sew-on label by Kylie And The Machine