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Experience the magic of natural dyeing in the comfort of your own home!

This beginner’s bundle dye kit is a simple and fun stay-at-home project for both adults and children alike. Experience some quiet, natural dyeing magic on your own, keep little hands busy while staying at home or organise a virtual dye sesh with your girlfriends! No experience is needed, just a few simple tools and a little time on your hands, this DIY kit has been created to spread the love of handmade.

Kit includes:

Pre-mordanted dye blanks (2 scrunchies)

fabric strips for wrapping your bundle

Dye materials: ground madder root, ground cochineal, dried avocado skins, red & brown onion skins, native Australian plant mix (includes eucalyptus, wattle, paper daisies)

Step-by-step instruction sheet

Latex free gloves

Linen Scrunchie Bundle Dye Kit by MELO Handmade

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