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A breathable, soft and lightweight scarf that can be worn all year round.


Naturally dyed Indigo cotton is hand woven together with light and dark natural cotton. Beautifully hand spun which is soft, warm and cosy, but light to wear.

Made from naturally dyed, handspun cotton.


Size: 40cm X 185cm


Designed in Australia by Loom Designs.


Hand woven by women from the Tai Leu group of Northern Laos.

These women work independently, using weaving skills and knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Indigo with Dark and Natural Lao Cotton Scarf by Loom Designs

  • Cold, hand-wash or gentle machine cycle. 

    Dry in the shade.

    For products dyed with indigo, it would be a good idea to wash seperately for the first wash, in case of any dye run.

    Adding a little salt to the water when you wash can help prevent further dye loss.

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