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Handcrafted in Melbourne, these Kyra Stone beaded necklaces are created with love and attention to detail, and made to last.


Designed to be worn both individually or stacked/ layered, these stunning pieces are an stylish and minimal way to add some colour to your outfit.


Made using the finest quality Czech and Japanese glass beads, gold- filled clasps and findings, 24k gold-plated beads and Keshi or freshwater pearls.


Each Kyra Stone piece comes with a beautiful, woven fabric pouch for storage, making it a beautiful gift.


Nine unique necklaces are available, please note prices and lengths vary between styles.

See below for a description of each piece:



#1 Merlot matte finish glass beads/ gold plated  beads with 24k gold plated disc, $75.

Length: 45cm



#2 Jade green glass beads/ gold plated beads with 24k gold plated disc, $75.

Length: 48cm



#3 Jade and crimson glass beads, 24k gold plated beads, $75.

Length: 42cm



#4 Rust/ Lilac glass beads, 24k gold plated beads, $75.

Length: 41cm




#5 Red/Crimson/Lilac  glass beads, 24k gold plated beads  $75

Length: 42.5cm



#6  Lilac/Rust/ Red glass beads, 24k gold plated beads and freshwater pearl, $89.

Length: 41 cm



#7 Mustard glass beads, 24k gold plated beads and three Keshi pearls $99.

Length: 41.5cm



#8 Amethyst, Agate and Lapis Stones, hand-knotted on silk. 

Resin eye pendant in gold-filled setting $180

Length: 48cm



Kyra Stone Beaded Necklaces

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