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This is an easy and ready to go cyanotype printing activity.

Cyanotype is a photographic printing process, where an emulsion is painted on paper or fabric and placed in the sun to aid exposure to produce a rich cyan-blue print.

The kit includes 12 sheets, 10 x 15cm, of 200 gsm watercolour paper pre-coated with the cyanotype solution as well as instruction sheet.

The paper is hand cut for you with the cyanotype solution, therefore each sheet of paper will be painted a little different. Please refer to the photos for an example.

The process is simple, on a bright sunny day, collect your plant matter that you wish to print, arrange them on the paper, place a sheet of glass on top, to keep wind from moving it, and place it in a sunny spot. Watch the paper change colour in the sun uv rays. When it turns a grey colour its ready. Place the paper in a tub of water and watch it turn blue. Place the paper inside to let it dry.

You can then frame these pieces of art or make them into gift cards.

DIY Sun Printing Paper

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