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Tabara N'Diaye introduces readers into the wonderful and addictive world of basket weaving and coiling, providing information on the foundational skills, tools and materials you need to get started.


With 15 step-by-step projects to guide you, this book will have readers well on their way to creating beautiful, functional vessels that can be used for storage, art, fashion and more!



Publisher's description:


Baskets are a simple but stylish way to organize your home. The craft of basketry has been around for decades, and has slowly evolved into the latest interior trend. These hard-working multitaskers are not only a practical storage option, but they are also decorative and instantly add texture and warmth to any room. Handled, woven, lined, colored, patterned, lidded - there are so many options when it comes to choosing the baskets you display in your home that fits your needs and your decorating style.


Baskets will teach you how to master the art of basketry through the 15 projects in this book. Learn how to add pattern and colour to your woven wonders are you create a colourful collection of storage of your own.

The projects include laundry baskets, baskets with lids, basket bags and backpacks, a gorgeous woven lampshade and a stylish collection of patterned tableware.



Published in May 2019

Baskets, by Tabara N'Diaye

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